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Interview Exit Strategy by Wim Guillemyn

For whom the 'post-punk' band do not know: 'Exit Strategy' is a collaboration between Berwyn Waddon and William Westwater ('Voodoo Bible' is a band with these two musicians). William Westwater can also know you as the singer of " Fear Incorporated. Their debut with 'Exit Strategy' (http://www.darkentries.be/nl/cd-s/exit-strategy-exit-strategy/) was by Crysella Records released a few months ago, so I thought this one good moment for a little interview with Berwyn Waddon (see also:http://exitstrategy.fourfour.com/home)

1. Hello, the album is now a few months and was currently even as sold. Happy?

Very happy indeed, we were not sure if people would understand what we were trying to do with the exit-strategy. I mean in terms of genre and quite lo-fi approach to post-production. The idea from the beginning was to incorporate many different styles of alternative music and to try to define its own unique sound that stands for 'Exit Strategy': dark in nature, but not genre-specific ... .It Looks like we're there to some extent succeeded, and that people will like what we have created because it seems to sell very well.

2. Exit Strategy is primarily a project and less than one (live) band? Why?

This is simply due to logistics and time, we're both so busy at the moment recording etc, and moreover I live in Wales while William lives in Scotland. That makes the logistics of playing live would be very difficult for us, but obviously not an impossible task ... I hope to rectify this situation in the future law because I think a lot of this music, whether it's 'Exit Strategy' , 'Voodoo Bible "or" Fear Incorporated', it would do well on a stage. I have no doubt that it will happen only I do not know when!

3. West Water has a specific voice that fits the music that radiates something tragic and desperate.

The vocals are deep and resonant. As the messenger of our numbers, it is necessary that there is an element of tragedy and despair, but if you're going to listen better you will also elements that stand for hope and change in the lyrics.

4. How do the songs have emerged, grown?

A difficult question to answer. I / we approach each track differently, there's certainly no fixed formula ... .For example, the instrumental tracks are written as instrumentals without any intention of adding text or vocals on every point. The approach for writing an instrumental differs strongly with that of writing a song with lyrics and vocals.

5. Which songs on the album have a special meaning for you?

A simple answer to this, all ...... .I have no song or track that I like better than others consider. Without wanting to seem pretentious, I can say that they all come from deep within us. They have such an impact on me while writing them if it were an intrinsic part of me be.

6. I am very fond of 'Rage of Decay "," A New Decade for New Lies "and" These Four Walls ". Can you explain a little bit what the main ideas are behind some of the song from the album?

The themes of Exit Strategy vary, but all the material embraces the need for change in the human race as well as his approach to life on mother earth and it sometimes tends to metaphysical and spiritual aspects: such as the need for us to mature on a spiritual level and develop a higher consciousness in the life we ​​lead. I would also like to add that I am inclined to the idea that every one who listens to the album his or her own vision will have on the content of the songs and maybe even as certain songs or tracks will be special for them / be.

7. How would you define the main differences between the 'Exit Strategy' and 'Voodoo Bible? Both collaborations with William Westwater.

Although both bands share the same staff, namely myself and William, we are with each project from a completely different approach started in the area of ​​writing the music and lyrics ... From a technical point of view, given the guitar my main instrument music write, so all the 'Exit Strategy' material so very guitar driven. With 'Voodoo Bible' we use far more electronics, which might provide a more modern sound than that of 'Exit Strategy'. So I think this is the two different points of the two bands. With one band we'd diversity can be hard to do because then the music would vary greatly and it would all seem directionless

8. Currently, you are busy with the finishing of the new album "Voodoo Bible. When can we expect the release?

The new album, 'Black Tarot' will be called, is near completion and will be released onVenus Aeon plates, a new label, which was born out of latex Records (which is based on the occult) so that it fits the music and the themes of 'Voodoo Bible. The album will be released on CD and download probably in late summer or early fall.

9. Can you already tell us something about the new album?

'Black Tarot' gets a darker approach it (because of the theme) than the debut album 'Seven Deadly Sins' that the theme of the infamous seven sins meekreeg.

The new album gave us more space to broach topics relating to the occult and / or mysterious things in nature. It goes back a thread throughout the album, especially on metaphysical themes, like most of the 'Voodoo Bible' and 'Exit Strategy' material.

There are videos made for many of the songs on both albums and so on 'Exit Strategy' to sustain the mood and the atmosphere that we create with our music.

10. Is the intention to create new material in the future with 'Exit Strategy' or was it once?

Certainly, because there is plenty of space and inspiration for new material, given the current world issues. Enough inspiration. I'll start writing new 'Exit Strategy' material when "Black Tarot" for "Voodoo Bible 'is completed. What I can say about any new "Exit Strategy numbers is that you can expect the unexpected when it comes to writing for Exit Strategy ... .The debut, although a double album, was only a teaser, and just the beginning for 'Exit Strategy'.

Thank you for your time and I'm looking forward to the new album "Voodoo Bible.

Wim Guillemyn
(Translated by Goggle Translate)

Wim Guillemyn
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