Exit Strategy - Exit Strategy (Album Review)

This band is from the UK and is not to be confused with the eponymous metal band fromCanada . In the UK, there are some bands with this name. Not such a good name so choice. He was created in Wales by Berwyn Waddon (Guitarist Voodoo Bible ). Later still there William Westwater at (member of Voodoo Bible and Fear Incorporated ). This duo makes dark post-punk like Killing Joke does.

The vocals of West Water is obviously similar to what he Voodoo Bible does. Indeed, he has a remarkable voice. You recognize it from miles away. Think also to singers like John Lydon, Gavin Friday ... The biggest difference with Voodoo Bible is that here the fully drawn map of the guitar.

It is a bulky album became an intro consisting of 14 songs (half of them are instrumental) and an outro. With here and there a song that revolves around ten minutes.

Rage Of Decay is at once a whopping song. An intro to what The Mission reminds and then turns into a guitar riff from Killing Joke stable. For the chorus they switch up a gear.Halfway we get a more quiet middle piece with beautiful guitar and keys to build up again for the final song. Well done. Eight minutes but it felt definitely not so long. Okay, my first adrenaline rush I've already done. Baptism Of Fire will continue on the same lines. Ariseis rather a quiet and downtempo instrumental song (There are only eight when we computation of the intro and outro) with a beautiful atmospheric guitar solo. Not really great guitar playing (in terms of technology and so) but appropriate and effective. Also,These Four Walls is an instrumental song by nine minutes compositional still protrudes slightly better together than Arise .

The better songs Rage of Decay, These Four Walls, A New Decade For New Lies God Eat God Exit Strategy and Death Doctrine.

Most of the songs have an intro that sounds like a gothic rock band. Then they usually go on to more post-punk ingredients. See, eg, Rage of Decay, Midnight In Eden, These Four Walls, A New Decade ...

Sixteen songs (over 100 minutes of music) is considerable. Especially there are half instrumental songs. For this diversity in this post-punk album is not big enough. That seems to me something more suitable for a more progressive approach. But an album yet many beautiful moments.

(Translation by Goggle translate)

Wim Guillemyn
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