Gothic Rock with Exit Strategy
From the darkest shadows of music strides the titan that is Exit Strategy. A band embracing many genre's of alternative music to give birth to a thunderous bloody and glorious din. Exit Strategy was formed in Wales UK by Berwyn Waddon (Voodoo Bible guitarist) who had a vision for something dark, original, earth shattering and exciting, later to be joined by William Westwater (Also from Voodoo Bible) and the acclaimed theatre macabre band Fear Incorporated. Swathes and textures of gutsy and bristling guitars are used along with heavy drums to manifest the unmistakable sound of Exit Strategy. Prepare yourselves for an all mighty din of thunderous drumming, screaming guitars, superb vocals and lyrics. A true titan of an album-the skies will crack and rain blood and the earth will shudder and fall to dust...An unmistakable sound that could only be Exit Strategy.
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