Exit Strategy Album Review

Project commissioned by the Welsh Berwyn Waddon, Exit Strategy is active for some years. Born as exclusively instrumental, in 2013 it was expanded with the voice of William Westwater Fear Incorporated, recently, here is the album, Exit Strategy . Subject to the dark atmosphere and inspiration clearly tied to tradition 80s, the style of the duo seems to be open to any kind of influence and, as recently stated by the same Waddon in an interview circulated in web, his music is to be considered released from the definitions and the introduction of elements available also heterogeneous, both from punk from post-punk as well as from the goth and metal. All these features actually are detected in the work of the Exit Strategy. After the brief "Intro", the first track, "Rage Of Decay" clearly shows the imprint goth guitar massively present and steady pace while the voice shows remarkable incisiveness: live must be a nice feeling! Follows "Baptism of Fire", already appeared in a compilation published by goth Sombrati Records: here the scenario becomes seething, the guitar becomes aggressive, singing really enthralling and metal component is detected strong and clear. But the instrumental "Arise" proposes cupissimi sounds post-punk / goth not free from echoes morriconiani and "Midnight In Eden" surprising contrast between the melancholy and romantic beginning deceptively calm and the 'corpus' defined by a frenetic pace and a powerful vocals and impetuous. A little farther on, "Madness Resides Within" for almost ten minutes shows a landscape in dark colors and heavy whose boundaries are tracked by robust tones of the guitar that, in the absence of voice, make it truly apocalyptic many steps: a skill that In my opinion, would have made ​​more of a shorter duration. Succeeded also the debut of "A New Crusade For New Lies", with oriental notes preceding the explosion 'metal' an indomitable guitar, while the title track makes us jump with the sirens of the first few seconds and then transport us into a universe 'metallic' made ​​even more 'bloody' dall'incandescente vocal part of Westwater.L'album of Exit Strategy, which provides in closing the long and complex "Counter Clockwise Revolution" and an outro style 'ritual', looks like a job challenging, vital and interesting with only a few moments tiring. (Translated by Google)

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