Exit Strategy Spotlight Interview

The Interview

Tell us a bit about your band, like how you got together, or what you have been doing the last few months.

B.L.Waddon ES: Exit Strategy originally started out as a solo project of mainly guitar driven instrumental music, but I felt there was a need to add vocals to some tracks to mix things up a bit. Myself and my partner in grime (William Westwater) got together in a round about way. Another band he is involved with (Fear Incorporated) were looking for a guitarist so I sent them a rough demo, but didn't get the slot as other members in the band wanted Matthew Saw (Sex Gang Children, DC Molina) as Fear Incorporated consisted of ex-members and current members of Sex Gang Children, so it stood to reason that they would go with Matthew Saw, but the rough demo of my solo material suitably impressed Fear Incorporated's frontman and he offered to do vocals for Exit Strategy, which has led to him becoming a permanent member of the band. We now work together in both Exit Strategy and the band Voodoo Bible. The last few months has been really busy for us, in the spring we released Voodoo Bibles debut album"Seven Deadly Sins" through Crysella Records and we have just finished all work for a new Exit Strategy album, which will also be released by Crysella in early October of this year, the album will be a double CD and download with the usually mix from us of vocal tracks and instrumentals.  

Try and describe your band to us in three words

B.L.Waddon ESThunderous, glorious, din.

What are the main themes/topics for your songs and do you see this changing over time?

B.L.Waddon ES: Our songs tend to come from a very dark perspective as we seem to be living in very dark times in my opinion. We mix the dystopian of living in modern days society, the breakdown of that society, the hardships, but give it a metaphysical slant encompassing the esoterical and the spiritual, and to some extent the occult and how it may or may not relate to modern thinking.

If you were only allowed to listen to one album for a whole year, what album would you choose and why?

B.L.Waddon ES: For me it would probably be "Sonic Mass" by Amebix. I love this album. It has very much divided opinions from the Amebix fans but for me I think it's a masterpiece and shows how much the band has evolved musically, it is equal if not better than any of their previous albums.........But in saying that give me anything by Killing Joke and I would be happy. I can't speak for William, I'm not sure what he would choose.

Has your music evolved much since you first got together as a band? And if it has, what direction has it evolved in?

B.L.Waddon ES: The music has evolved very much so, as Exit Strategy started out as a solo project of instrumentals, we have now added vocals and another musician to the mix......the Exit Strategy sound seems to be ever changing and evolving.

What would you say is your own band's best song, and why?

B.L.Waddon ES: That's a hard question, but I can tell you that our most popular song is the track "God Eat God", everybody seems to love that track, it gets loads of Radio-play e.t.c

What would you say is one of the main things that sets you apart from the current crop of bands out there?

B.L.Waddon ES: I think the main thing that sets us apart from the current crop of bands out there is the fact that we are not afraid to experiment in the subject matter or the music. We have never been genre specific, in fact the whole idea I had for Exit Strategy right from the beginning was to try to mix all-sorts of genres, sounds that would seemingly not normally go together. We have no problems in mixing Punk, Post-punk, Goth, Metal, progressive, psychedelic or even jazz if it came to it and all in the same song as long as it works, but all would be coming from the darker side of thinking regardless of type of music.

What's the first ever album you bought, and be honest!

B.L.Waddon ES: The first ever album I bought out of my own money was The Damned - "Machine-gun Etiquette" I think, first album I owned was "Jungle Book" and marvelous it is too!!!

What would you say is your main plans for the months ahead, anything big in the pipeline you could share with us?

B.L.Waddon ES: The main plans for Exit Strategy in the next few months is to get the new album out and promote that. We have also started work on the follow up to the "Voodoo Bible - Seven Deadly Sins" album (I'm currently writing the guitar parts for this now), and loads of other things that I best not mention yet.

Cheers for that guys, and remember readers, be sure to check out the bands page and music as there might be something new to fall in love with only a mouse click away...

Jim Mcdermid
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