Exit Strategy releases FREE E.P. "The Zorch" featuring William Westwater from FEAR Incorporated
ZORCH FACTORY Records releases Exit Strategy's latest release "The Zorch E.P." featuing Willaim Westwater from FEAR Incorporated. Exit Strategy is a solo musical/noise project by B.L.Waddon, It fuses the sounds of Punk, Post-Punk, Prog-Punk, Metal, Goth, Phsyche, and alternative instrumental music to hopefully be a bit different to the rest. His debut album 'EXIT STRATEGY I' is currently on sale through Bandcamp: http://exitstrategy1.bandcamp.com/album/exit-strategy-i He also had two tracks released by 'Sombrati Records' label, 'Emotive Shades Of Darkness' And 'Arise' https://www.facebook.com/SombratiRecords?ref=stream The ZORCH E.P. Tracklist: 1. Exit Strategy (featuring vocals by William Westwater) 2. Beneath A Crescent Moon 3. God Eat God (featuring vocals by William Westwater) 4 Judas By Any Other Name All music written and performed by B. Waddon E/S - Lyrics and vocals by William Westwater H-P
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