Exit Strategy - Welsh Punk Welsh Goth Welsh Soul Deep Sounds
The wealth of walking in this life, is always being able to experience the sights, the visions, the sounds, and the connectiveness of all.. Music brings so many of these elements all together in so many of us. Wales has always been a breading ground for music, yet because its a small country, the rest of whats happening in the UK and the music scene from London, Manchester, Liverpool etc has always taken front view. So many original and retuned elements are being moved and buzzed around, the post punk music mindscapes of Berwyn Waddon and his music persona of Exit Stragegy. I fail not to be evoked by the sounds and view points, speak out , stand out, and shouts out, of wrongness, rightness and whats going on in the world today. Enjoy and evoke in the evolve of Exit Strategy Colin Creamcrop Scott
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