COMP REVIEW: VARIOUS ARTISTS - Gothic Rock Around The World
Compilations are always worth the price of admission. Always. I have hundreds of samplers, compilations, or press collections from labels. Hundreds. Any time I see one being offered, I am there with a smile on my face, hands out, ears ready. Either I am about to find a new band that I will love, or at least like, or I am about to find an entire albums worth of bands that I know that I never want to hear again. Of the hundreds of comps I have, there have been a bunch where I finish listening to all 18, or 22, or 12, or howevermany songs, and I realize that I didn’t enjoy a single damn thin on the album. Then, I am glad. Because I know after that that those are X bands I never need to care about again. On the flip side though, there have been times where I have picked up samplers or comps and found bands that quickly became my favorites. So, its a mixed bag, but it is a mixed bag that is ALWAYS a good idea. This compilation is no different. There are a few bands on here I really don’t care if I ever hear about again, a few bands that are nice enough to hear on a compilation, and a few bands that I outright enjoyed hearing. I don’t want to harp on about the bands I wasn’t a fan of, and I don’t really wanna do the whole 'oh... this one was ok, I guess' thing either, so instead, I am just going to tell you outright which song I liked the most. 'Arise' by Exist Strategy. Holy Slayer, this is a good one. The album is a great grab bag of polished/unpolished, dynamic/flat, amazing/ok songs and bands. I cant stress enough how good the Exit Strategy song is, so if you are reading this, grab this sampler. Maybe you wont agree with me, maybe there will be a different song you like more, maybe you wont like any of them, maybe you will like every single second of the compilation, its hard to say... that is the best part about compilations. They are always a mixed bag. A welcome mixed bag. Charlie J.J. Kruger
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