BERWYN WADDON (EXIT STRATEGY) - Ten Albums That Changed My Life - Peek-A-Boo magazine
Berwyn Waddon is the man behind the Post punk band EXIT STRATEGY, that released a fine debut album (Crysella Records).

I had to think really long and hard about this as over the years I have listened to a lot of music as you can imagine. This is not a list of ten of my favorite albums as I think this would be a nigh on impossible task for me to do as my top ten would constantly change... This is a list of ten albums that have influenced me in someway or have had a lasting impact for me. So here they are in no particular order...
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Exit Strategy Interview - Peek-A-Boo magazine by Wim Guillemyn
"The themes of Exit Strategy vary but all of the material embraces the need for change in the human race and its approach to life on mother earth" [Read More...]
Exit Strategy interview - Dark Entries
The themes of Exit Strategy vary, but all the material embraces the need for change in the human race as well as his approach to life on Mother Earth [Read More...]
An exclusive interview with Exit Strategy's Berwyn Waddon in April, 2015, by Paul Rance
Exit Strategy's debut album released by and available now from Crysella Records on 2 CD digipak and digital download from most major webstores. As of April available to purchase worldwide in stores, including HMV etc.......Dark thundering songs themed on the arcane to the apocalyptic-from the macabre to metaphysical.
A must for any alternative music listeners collection. [Read More...]
Exit Strategy Spotlight Interview
"they are the epic, the incendiary, the eclectic, the balls to the wall juggernaut of sound that is Exit Strategy! Once you are done reading about them, and what they have to say on a selection of subjects, then you damn well better get your arse off to their page and check out their music!" [Read More...]
Exit Strategy releases FREE E.P. "The Zorch" featuring William Westwater from FEAR Incorporated

ZORCH FACTORY Records releases Exit Strategy's latest release "The Zorch E.P." featuing Willaim Westwater from FEAR Incorporated.

Exit Strategy is a solo musical/noise project by B.L.Waddon, It fuses the sounds of Punk, Post-Punk, Prog-Punk, Metal, Goth, Phsyche, and alternative instrumental music to hopefully be a bit different to the rest.

His debut album 'EXIT STRATEGY I' is currently on sale through Bandcamp:

He also had two tracks released by 'Sombrati Records' label, 'Emotive Shades Of Darkness' And 'Arise'

The ZORCH E.P. Tracklist:

1. Exit Strategy (featuring vocals by William Westwater)

2. Beneath A Crescent Moon

3. God Eat God (featuring vocals by William Westwater)

4 Judas By Any Other Name

All music written and performed by B. Waddon E/S - Lyrics and vocals by William Westwater
An Exit Strategy into a rock and a hard place!
The new "Zorch EP" out by England's Exit Strategy puts a tastefully rocky edge on an already very post-punk/goth mountainside. The music is sharp and knows exactly where it's going, which is straight up to the summit. Strongly reminiscent of a cross between Catastrophe Ballet and Rosetta Stone, the must-have mournful-doom vocals, catchy guitar riffs and strong beats take you to the peak of Gothic rock in the early 90s. If you aren't afraid of heights, lace yourselves up and get those knots secured – it's going to be a rocky climb! G.
Exit Strategy - Welsh Punk Welsh Goth Welsh Soul Deep Sounds
The wealth of walking in this life, is always being able to experience the sights, the visions, the sounds, and the connectiveness of all.. Music brings so many of these elements all together in so many of us.
Wales has always been a breading ground for music, yet because its a small country, the rest of whats happening in the UK and the music scene from London, Manchester, Liverpool etc has always taken front view.
So many original and retuned elements are being moved and buzzed around, the post punk music mindscapes of Berwyn Waddon and his music persona of Exit Stragegy. I fail not to be evoked by the sounds and view points, speak out , stand out, and shouts out, of wrongness, rightness and whats going on in the world today.
Enjoy and evoke in the evolve of Exit Strategy
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