Gothic Rock Around The World IV

Sombrati Records released another great compilation album on Samhain Oct 31st 'Gothic Rock Around The World IV' featuring Exit Strategy, Fear Incorporated and loads of other great bands..............

Gothic Rock Around The World IV - Helloween Edition official tracklist:

01 Two Witches - Another Face [Finland]

02 Pazz Kluger - Always In The Dark [United States]

03 LisaWars - Der Vorhang [Germany]

04 Vampyr Exsequiae - Pálidos Cadaveres [Ecuador]

05 Horse and Hattock - The Night Inside Me [England]

06 The Beautiful Dead - Ghost in the Garden (Reactive Black's Nemesis/Remix by Rotten) [Germany]

07 Arcane Winter - Guy Fawkes Night [United Kingdom]

08 Fear Incorporated - Tolbooth Song (Devilish Brood Mix) [United Kingdom]

09 Secrecy - Sins For Love [Portugal]

10 Exit Strategy - Beneath A Crescent Moon [Wales]

11 Godless Procession - Nosferatu [Mexico]

12 angelface/headcase - Running In Place [United States]

13 Luna Reign - Halloween Rain [United Kingdom]

14 Culto Baco - Amor Criminal [Mexico]

15 Das Projekt - Al Azif (Necronomicon) [Brazil]

16 The Pussybats - Dance With The Devils [Germany]

17 Aeon Sable - Tenfifteen (RadioEdit) [Germany]

18 Thalie Némésis - The Hunting [France] 

19 Imbolg - Duisigh (Awaken) [United States]*                                                                                                                                            
                     Sombrati Records/Gothic Rock Around The World IV

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