2 Years Rocking You! - PP Promo Records & Whatever68 Radio

On the 6th of April 2014, the great punk radio station Whatever 68 Radio released a great new compilation album through their own label PP Promo Records. The album is a free download and contains the Exit Strategy track 'God Eat God' along with loads of other great bands.......It's free so go download it now!!!!

Exit Strategy would like to thank everybody at Whatever 68 Radio for all the support that they give us with air-play e.t.c and for including us on this great Free compilation.

Many thanks must also go to our briliiant label  Crysella Rcords for allowing PP Promo Records to use our track. 
To download this great album just clink on the link below:

                                        2 Years Rocking You_PP Promo Records_Whatever68 Radio

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