Album Cover
The Zorch EP
Exit Strategy
Released: Feb 12, 2013
Label: Zorch Factory Records
Track Listing
1 Exit Strategy (Featuring William Westwater,Fear Incorporated)
2 Beneath A Crescent Moon
3 God Eat God (Featuring William Westwater, Fear Incorporated)
4 Judas By Any Other Name

Liner Notes

All music wriiten and performed by Exit Strategy, Lyrics and vocals by William Westwater (Fear Incorporated).

Currently no longer available until further notice.
                                                                                                                         Zorch Factory Records


Exit Strategy
DeathRat Fanzine issue 14
“Exit Strategy 'The Zorch Ep' by Exit Strategy(featuring William Westwater,Fear Incorporated) is an eclectic mix of classic and modern in this four track release by B.Waddon. The talent is evident and the sounds are fantastic. You can't help but fall in love with the union of two of the more talented men in modern goth music.”
Exit Strategy releases FREE E.P. "The Zorch" featuring William Westwater from FEAR Incorporated
Horror Punks
ZORCH FACTORY Records releases Exit Strategy's latest release "The Zorch E.P." featuing Willaim Westwater from FEAR Incorporated. Exit Strategy is a solo musical/noise project by B.L.Waddon, It fuses the sounds of Punk, Post-Punk, Prog-Punk, Metal, Goth, Phsyche, and alternative instrumental music to hopefully be a bit different to the rest. His debut album 'EXIT STRATEGY I' is currently on sale through Bandcamp: He also had two tracks released by 'Sombrati Records' label, 'Emotive Shades Of Darkness' And 'Arise' The ZORCH E.P. Tracklist: 1. Exit Strategy (featuring vocals by William Westwater) 2. Beneath A Crescent Moon 3. God Eat God (featuring vocals by William Westwater) 4 Judas By Any Other Name All music written and performed by B. Waddon E/S - Lyrics and vocals by William Westwater
An Exit Strategy into a rock and a hard place!
The new "Zorch EP" out by England's Exit Strategy puts a tastefully rocky edge on an already very post-punk/goth mountainside. The music is sharp and knows exactly where it's going, which is straight up to the summit. Strongly reminiscent of a cross between Catastrophe Ballet and Rosetta Stone, the must-have mournful-doom vocals, catchy guitar riffs and strong beats take you to the peak of Gothic rock in the early 90s. If you aren't afraid of heights, lace yourselves up and get those knots secured – it's going to be a rocky climb! G.
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