Album Cover
Exit Strategy I
Exit Strategy
Released: Aug 27, 2012
Label: StrategIc Recordings
Track Listing
1 Emotive Shades Of Darkness
2 A New Crusade For New Lies
3 Arise
4 Fractured Interlude
5 Wrath
6 Madness Resides Within
7 Counter-Clockwise Revolution
8 Hex
9 These Four Walls

Liner Notes

Album extras include the videos for the tracks Counter-Clockwise Revolution and Wrath(PigPhat Remix).

Currently no longer available until further notice.


Exit Strategy I
DeathRat Fanzine issue 13
"The nine track album 'Exit Strategy I' is an industrial dream of matrices and guitars,metal and goth intertwined.The nice thing about Exit Strategy is that there is something for everyone. It has a nice hint of Prog with a dark twist to create the post-metal sound.Hailing from the U.K., Exit Strategy is the brainchild of B.Waddon and his fantastic talents.If you like something that appeals to multi-genres check him out on Facebook and BandCamp."
Astral shifting colors and warping wood. When I close my eyes and listen to this album, that is what I imagine. I can feel the trees around me come above and grow in millions of directions, the skies and the sun spilling out into each other and mixing, blending. And I hope that is what this project was supposed to do to me. The lyric-less feeling of the music gives rise to a lot of interpretation and reflection, which I always love. I’m struck with memories of Jerry Vayne's STELLAR album 'The Attic' throughout this album. While this album is very different in its own way, I can still feel several similarities. This is an interesting piece of work, and I think it presents itself in a very solid and good light. One of the distortions used on the album is a little too lo-fi for me, but other than that I wouldn’t change anything, and I even find myself liking the crackly digital distortion often throughout sounds like 'Wrath'. The title of the work leads me to believe that there is going to be a part 2, and possibly even a part 3 (all the best stories are trilogies, right?) and I cant wait to put them on, pop in my headphones and sit out in the woods, feeling the music and getting into the images that I can conjure up. Strong album, strong ideas, and a strong voice, even if the voice is wordless. I recommend this one.
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