From the darkest shadows of music strides the titan that is Exit Strategy.

A band embracing many genres of alternative music to give birth to a thunderous bloody and glorious din.

Exit Strategy was formed in Wales by Berwyn Waddon who had a vision for something dark, original,earth shattering and exciting.

Swathes and textures of gutsy and bristling guitar are used along with heavy drums to manifest the unmistakable sound of ES.

An album 'Exit Strategy I' was released originally as a download debut in 2012-a collection of instrumental tracks to make you shudder and shiver,pummel and shake in your very skin-available on bandcamp the debut album announced the rise of ES.

ES then went on to release the 'Zorch Ep' on Zorch Factory Records in 2013 as a digital free download featuring the band's newest member William Westwater from the acclaimed theatre macabre band Fear Incorporated on vocals.

Both the above releases have been received very well in the alternative culture of music and can be downloaded from the labels/websites directly.

Along side the above ES have also released the tracks 'Emotive Shades Of Darkness' (taken from the album Exit Strategy I), 'Arise' (also from Exit Strategy I) and 'Baptisim Of Fire' on three seperate compilation albums by Sombrati Records, 'An Earth In Darkness Vol III', 'Gothic Rock Around The World' and 'Gothic Rock Around The World Vol III'. These can all be downloaded from Sombrati Records directly.

Videos for the tracks 'Baptism Of Fire',God Eat God' and many others can be found on the band's website,youtube and facebook along with information,updates photos and tracks to further you experience of ES.

Many radio stations have asked for the band's tracks for airplay which have been well received and applauded by their listeners and fans in the alternative scenes and subcultures.

Prepare yourselves for an all mighty din of thunderous drumming, screaming guitars,superb vocals and lyrics as Exit Strategy have released a new album on the Crysella Records Label. The album is currently available as a digital download from iTunes, Spotify and all other major webstores. It will also be released as a 2 Cd digipak version through the Crysella Records Label in the very near future...........Integrate,Celebrate and Deviate with Exit Strategy!


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